What we can do to make a world a little better place for our children’s future.

We believe that together, through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future for people and the planet. That’s why we’re committed to finding suppliers who shares the same view as us and you can do the same.

We believe that modern living shouldn’t cost the earth. Our clothes should be made sustainably and worn with pride.


It’s estimated that 16% of all insecticides are used to grow cotton – more than any other single crop. Many of these insecticides are known to have adverse effects on human and environmental health and cotton is just one of many agricultural crops used in the clothes we wear, the beauty products we apply to our skin and the food we eat. By shopping our organic products, you’re helping support farming systems that are better for human and environmental health.


Textile waste

Textile waste is a material that is deemed unusable for its original purpose by the brand. Textile waste can include fashion and textile industry waste, created during fibre, textile and clothing production, and consumer waste, created during consumer use and disposal.

Our duties as a brand

We are very passionate about playing part to stop waste specially in the fashion industry. Nowadays clothing and textiles leave tons of waste that end up at dumps all over the world. The clothing takes time to breakdown, and some textiles, like polyester, even create chemical pollution. Hence we are focusing & communicating continuous with our manufactures across to avoid any excessive amount of production that potentially can become dead stock.

How you can help by creating Awareness Around Slow Fashion Purchases
Instead of buying the latest fashion trends every month or every season, you can consider purchasing higher quality clothing pieces that are timeless and will last longer, also known as 'slow fashion'. This requires a change in consumer behaviour and a lifestyle change to buying clothing and textiles for their longevity. This behaviour is sometimes called 'zero waste fashion