AW20 Collection is Here!

AW20 Collection is Here! - Bulb London Studio

BULB London rediscovers the joy of travel & coming together for AW20

It's all here. Fresh new designs with a travel-twist. We couldn't have seen what was coming when the collection was created- but now it is a celebration of coming together and exploring new places.

“Travel has the potential to create a new narrative that teaches children about the similarities with others and lays a strong foundation, especially in the early years...We have the potential to raise a generation that knows how to live and coexist with each other.” 

“Travel and educating children about their roles as citizens of the world when they’re young ensures they will retain that message into their adult years.” “When somebody begins a habit or a tradition... early in life, that becomes the foundation through which they view the world for the rest of their life.

Shop the collection, here.


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