Our Story

BULB LONDON is London-based kids lifestyle brand, founded in 2016 by Agnete Rinne - artist, creative director, content creator and designer.

Bulb mission extends beyond mere aesthetics. We're on a quest to revolutionise children's fashion, infusing it with the same cool, fun, and excitement found in adult couture. We believe that clothing knows no gender boundaries, and we actively encourage girls and boys to embrace fashion as a language of empowerment and self-expression.

Our aspirations reach even further. We envision a future where our kids' brand seamlessly collaborates with the adult fashion world, blurring the lines between age and style. We're not bound by conventional trends; instead, we're driven by experimentation and passion. Drawing inspiration from diverse industries, we fearlessly explore new materials and designs, unafraid of consumer response.

Ultimately, our brand isn't just about clothing—it's about shaping the future. By nurturing creativity and openness, we empower children to dream beyond limits, envisioning a world where innovation and imagination reign supreme.